2006-2008 | Electroformed and bronze cast IUD`s. In Collection Nordenfjeldske Craft and Art Museum.

687 Years and Ave Maria

  • Exhibitions »2021Cold Sweat, Cold Sweat2019Schmuckismus, Pinakotek Moderne, Munich/Germany. Curator professor Karen Pontoppidan.Body Control, Museum of Modern Art, Arnheim/The Netherlands. Curator Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren.2011Jewellery Unleashed!, curator Lisebeth den Besten, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem/Holland.2010Its all about love, Center for Experimental Studies, (Centro Diseño Cine Televisión), Mexico City/Mexico.2009Koru3, Imatra Art Museum, Imatra/Finland. Juried.2008Diploma, Auditorium in the Art Academy in Munich/Germany. Debütanten, Auditorium Academy of Arts in Munich/Germany. Materialtretthet, Triennale, Nordenfjelske Museum, Trondheim/Norway.On Tour Norway/Finland. Juried.
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